Photovoltaic systems

Energy independence


A photovoltaic system is made up of one or more solar panels. They can work autonomously or be connected to the mains. Photovoltaic systems convert solar energy into electricity.

The electricity produced by this type of system is in the form of a direct voltage and can be converted into AC using an inverter. The AC voltage can now be used to power electrical appliances or be imported into the mains for other uses.

  • Effective photovoltaic solutionsDifferent types of roof systems and structures
  • Assistance in ConsultingCompletion of documents to the municipality / ERP
  • EngineeringDevelopment of a conceptual design
  • Monitoring and analysisAutomated remote control equipment

Advantages of implementation

  • Cost optimizationEasily predictable costs in the coming years
  • InvestmentReturn in the range of 15% -25%
  • Independent monitoringCalculation of your consumption by hours / days