In the spirit of the green idea, the Balkan Hydrogen Cluster, in association with several Bulgarian public and private organizations, submitted a project proposal under the LIFE program, sub-program “Climate Action”. The project proposal with the acronym “LIFE IGE” marks the beginning of the transition to climate neutrality of Bulgarian municipalities. The project involves 80 partners, including over 60 municipalities, hospitals and other public and private organizations. The main activities are production and integration of hydrogen fuel to the heating installations of selected buildings located throughout the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels. The desired effect of the project complements the National Program for Air Pollution Control 2020 – 2030, part of the Integrated Plan in the field of energy and climate of the Republic of Bulgaria and is in line with the European Green Pact and the Taxonomy Directive.