Meeting with Academic Representatives from the University of Patras, Greece – Department of Polytechnic.

On May 27, 2022, the Balkan Hydrogen Cluster (BHC) was visited by Prof. Eng. Georgios Pavlidis, Lecturer and Head of the Polytechnic Department at the University of Patras, Greece and Eng. Panayotis Bentenitis. GI type hydrogen equipment was demonstrated, setting out all the technical parameters of the installation. The achieved efficiency and effectiveness in terms of energy efficiency (reduction of hydrocarbons and emissions), direct economic benefits and last but not least the positive impact on the environment were also shown. Eng. Dragomir Ivanov, co-founder and co-chairman of BHC, Borislav Trifonov, member of BHC and Vasimir Radulov, co-founder of BHC were present on behalf of BHC. Agreements were reached on future partnerships, representations and joint participation in projects, as well as joint development activities. We hope that next month we will be able to announce further specifics.