Kostinbrod Municipality is a partner of the Balkan Hydrogen Cluster

Today, March 8, 2022. A meeting was held between the Municipality of Konstinbrod, a member of the Balkan Hydrogen Cluster (BHC) and representatives of the management of the Balkan Hydrogen Cluster (BHC). The mayor of Kostinbrod Traiko Mladenov, together with the deputy mayor Teodora Gogova, stated their active position for development and integration in public buildings and local business of RES technologies with a leading position in hydrogen technologies – GI. The Chairman of the Balkan Hydrogen Cluster, Mr. Petar Hristov, expressed his gratitude for the fact that the Municipality of Kostrunbrod maintains its proactive position on hydrogen technologies and their real application. The founder and member of BHC Vasimir Radulov said that hydrogen technologies will achieve balance in the current dynamic geopolitical realities in the economic development of economic entities, positioned in the municipality of Kostinbrod, which are among the world’s leading brands, and will improve environmental indicators of Kostinbrod. The participants in the meeting agreed to organize a public meeting between business and the citizens of Kostinbrod to present the economic, social and environmental benefits of the integration of hydrogen technologies.