“Balkan Hydrogen Cluster” enables its members to take advantage of the most appropriate funding method for them. The opportunities for which we provide assistance are:

= Through a contract with a guaranteed result – * ESCO contract for members of the “Balkan Hydrogen Cluster”;

= Through ** leasing with preferential conditions for members of the “Balkan Hydrogen Cluster”;

= Through *** credit product with preferential terms for members of “Balkan Hydrogen Cluster”.

*ESCO contracts

ESCOs – (Energy Service Companies). These are contracts with a guaranteed result. The subject of ESCO contracts is the implementation of measures to increase energy efficiency, whereby the investments and the remuneration of the contractor are paid on the basis of the realized energy savings. The purpose of these measures, the Law on Energy Efficiency, states the provision of the normatively necessary class of energy consumption for a given building. The funds invested in such measures have a long payback period – even more than 10 years. The contracting authority under the ESCO contract may be the final consumer of energy, and the contractor – a person – a trader within the meaning of the Commercial Law. The subject of the ESCO contract are buildings, equipment and energy systems, including street lighting. Condition for concluding an ESCO contract is an energy report, in which the energy costs are calculated and the adequate measures for achieving the set savings are envisaged.


Leasing is a contract for temporary use of an asset against payment of remuneration (leasing installments). It is suitable for the purchase of equipment and is long-term. The lessee pays an initial installment and pays the remainder of the price, plus interest for the deferred payment, in monthly lease payments. Thus, at the end of the term, full payment of the full value of the asset is achieved. After payment of the last installment, the ownership is transferred to the lessee. Until then, the lessor is the owner of the asset and in case of non-payment can return the property (which serves as collateral).

***Credit services

According to the needs and specifics of the activities of stakeholders, we have the opportunity to provide assistance in providing a range of different credit products – overdraft, working capital loan and loan for the purchase of equipment.