Balkan Hydrogen Cluster visited the International Exhibition in Dubai EXPO

In the first week of October (2nd to 10th October 2021), representatives of the Balkan Hydrogen Cluster (BHC) self-financed their visit to the International Exhibition in Dubai.

The chairman of BHC – Petar Hristov, together with the co-founder Vasimir Radulov actively participated in the first week of this most long-awaited event in the field of business and innovation. The visit was planned exactly in the first week of the EXPO, which is thematic “Climate and Biodiversity” ( During this week, the participants of the Balkan Hydrogen Cluster took an active part in all planned business and specialized events. We are happy to share that on the world stage BHC has found many like-minded people, friends and international partners. The topic – “Green Hydrogen” was without a doubt among the most attractive among all participants in the various business panels of the events. BHC is proud to provide the Bulgarian hydrogen technology – GI electrolyzers. With their active participation, the Chairmen of BHC Petar Hristov and Vasimir Radulov defended and demonstrated to the other participants that Bulgaria has hydrogen technologies that are not just prototypes, but are actually working.

We hope that next year we will be able to activate the established international contacts in the field of renewable energy technologies and of course in the topic – Green Hydrogen.