Balkan Hydrogen Cluster – mission, goals and development of hydrogen technologies in the Balkans

Today, September 1, 2021, is the day on which the non-profit legal entity – Balkan Hydrogen Cluster was registered in the legal peace of the Republic of Bulgaria.

We should be proud to note that the Balkan Hydrogen Cluster is the first of its kind not only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, but also on the territory of other Balkan countries.

Balkan Hydrogen Cluster is a non-profit legal entity, established and existing under Bulgarian law, as an association operating in the field of hydrogen technology, green hydrogen, innovation, natural energy and energy independence.

The aim is the in-depth cooperation, including development activities between economic entities, municipalities and the countries of the Balkan Peninsula in the direction of promotion, integration and realization of hydrogen and in particular – green hydrogen as a natural fuel of the future.

Balkan Hydrogen Cluster is committed to promoting the introduction of hydrogen technologies, both through energy policies, implementation of projects and programs related to renewable energy technologies, participation in institutional forums for promotion, working groups and expert councils for various legislative initiatives in the field of hydrogen, and its safe use in various economic and domestic activities.

The Balkan Hydrogen Cluster will work for the efficiency and promotion of the use, as well as the development of hydrogen technologies, as renewable energy sources.